Monday, June 11

Messy Monday: Eating With a 3 Year Old

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Eating with a 3 year old can sometimes be very messy and well a little gross! My 3 year old has begun to sometimes tell us that she is using the food as "soap." When we hear that we know it is time to get her away from the table!

Here is why:

This should be fun to clean!
She was washing the table with her "soap." She has also washed her arms before with cottage cheese!

This is why I think we should sit at the table at all times with her even if we are done eating first!

Have you had any really bad messes this week?
Go ahead and share or see others here


  1. We get those kinds of messes too. Grosser still is when they suck milk out of their sippies and spit it on the table to paint.

    1. Yes that does sound gross! The cottage cheese one was pretty bad too, might have to post that sometime, didn't have it tonight because it is on my phone, but that was a bad one too trying to get all the curdles off her arms!