Wednesday, February 13

Please Understand Me Socially


Please Understand!!

Please Understand.....that just because I don't come up to you and say hi doesn't mean I don't like you!
Please Understand.....that I will not always approach you, sometimes I need you to approach me.
Please Understand.....that sometimes when I know an interaction is coming up I have to sit and process how the conversation may go in my head various times and ways to be ready to talk.
Please Understand.....that I am feeling anxiety sometimes when I want to introduce myself so badly!
Please Understand.... that if I act nervous when you are talking to me this does not mean that I don't trust you or like you!
Please Understand.... that if I don't always make eye contact, I am having to remind myself constantly to do so, it doesn't always come easily but I am not trying to be rude!
Please Understand.....that I want to be just like everyone else,  but we are all different so isn't the way I am ok? I just have Aspergers but I am still me! And when I warm up to you we can have some great conversations!