Monday, June 25

Messy Mommy Jobs: Snack Time

Weak and Loved Messy Mommy Jobs

Its Monday again! I can't believe how fast this month is flying by. I have such a busy week ahead with a birthday coming up and lots of work to do to get ready!
I learned in the recent past that when a creative 3 year old is left at the table alone for too long it can become messy!
Bekah recently called me during a snack one time and said "I am cleaning my hands" I responded with "what are you cleaning them with?" and her response was "soap" of course.
I walked over to the table to find this
This is not what one wants to find at the table. Let me tell you that cottage cheese is not easy to clean up either!

What kind of messes have you dealt with lately? remember to visit weak and loved to see more messes!

Monday, June 18

A Special Bond

My 3 year old can throw some crazy tantrums sometimes as most 3 year olds can! When I share this with my mom I come to realize that I acted the same way as a child and we both begin to question could she have aspergers?

Since aspergers and autism are still being studied many do not know how genetic it is or if you will pass it on to your kids most of the far my daughter does not show many of the signs of aspergers but could I pass it on to another child also lingers in my mind.

While searching the web today I found an article from the Wausau Daily Herald about the special bond between parents and children on autism specturm.  How they seem to form a special bond because they understand each other having gone through it themselves. I guess I can be happy in knowing that if I ever did have a child with Aspergers I will be understanding of them due to my own childhood! I can be at peace knowing that whatever happens I will love my child(ren) unconditionally and will be able to help them along their path! I can be at peace knowing that the worse that could happen is we share a special bond for life!

Thursday, June 14

Spring Cleaning!

So I realized I have been not posting on here as much as I should! But we have been very busy around here getting some much needed cleaning done!

I finally got some new cleaners in that I have been wanting to try for awhile and have been wildly going around the house using them!

I wanted something that would be healthier for Bekah and for us. Also the smell of chemical cleaners kind of bothers me and makes me not want to clean which does no good for the house.

So my mom introduced me to some cleaners called Shaklee! They are Safe For You, Safe for the Environment cleaners!

I love them so far they are super concentrated so just a little bit makes different kinds of cleaners! They say that one bottle of their super concentrated H2 cleaner will make over 5000 bottles of window cleaner alone, and they really are not that hard on the wallet.

So far all the cleaners I have used work great! I used the all purpose cleaner I made up (1/4 tsp of cleaner to 16 oz of water) to dust my black tv stand it is usually dusty within minutes again after I dust it, this time it stayed dust free for a week! I used their dish detergent and did not rinse the dishes before hand and everything came out clean!

I will not say they are perfect or for everyone, but I love them!

I am not writing this because I have been asked to or because I am selling the product, I am only writing this because I love them! 

So hopefully I will get more posts up in the days to come but my house is almost clean!

Monday, June 11

Messy Monday: Eating With a 3 Year Old

Weak and Loved Messy Mommy Jobs

Eating with a 3 year old can sometimes be very messy and well a little gross! My 3 year old has begun to sometimes tell us that she is using the food as "soap." When we hear that we know it is time to get her away from the table!

Here is why:

This should be fun to clean!
She was washing the table with her "soap." She has also washed her arms before with cottage cheese!

This is why I think we should sit at the table at all times with her even if we are done eating first!

Have you had any really bad messes this week?
Go ahead and share or see others here

Thursday, June 7

60 Years!

So today is kind of a special day on my side of the family (even though we are not together). You see the two people who I have always looked up to are celebrating 60 years of marriage. Those two people would be my Grandparents. I wish that we could all be there to celebrate their wonderful day!

They have had a wonderful marriage that I strive to have myself with my husband.

So Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa! May you have many more great and blessed years together.

Tuesday, June 5

Are You Coming Over Nana?

Everytime my 3 yr old daughter gets on the phone with her Nana (my mom) who lives half way across the country, this is what she asks her "Are You Coming?" She also asks her Grandma who lives around the corner that too, but of course her Nana has to tell her that she lives too far away and would have to take an airplane. My daughter who has only been on 1 airplane sometimes doesn't understand this totally but enough.

Nana on the other hand worries that my daughter will forget her since she doesn't see her very often. This is an understandable fear and that is why we try hard to talk on the phone and on the occasion use skype so she can video with Nana. Nana has also sent her books with her voice recorded on them etc.

Just this past weekend my daughter told Nana she wanted to come see her on the airplane and then preceded to tell me as though we were leaving right now.

We then have my dad (Grandpa) Who also lives just as far away, but in a different state so this makes it even tougher for my daughter to go see my family.

This I am sure is something alot of families go through.

If you are in this situation what do you do to make sure your kids keep in touch with Grandma or Grandpa?

Monday, June 4

Messy Monday

Weak and Loved

If I were to invite you over right now.... well I probably wouldn't! Mondays are always the day when my house looks its worst. My family and I kind of slack when it comes to cleaning during the weekend. So when Monday rolls around I usually have to find my house, which can be a daunting taks because when it gets overwhelming the more I don't want to do it!  With a 3 yr old in the picture we can find messes all over, for example just last night I had to clean up puzzle pieces from behind my desk chair to make sure I didn't roll over them!

This is my daughter's reading area, I don't think there is a single book left on the shelf!

I think we have some cleaning ahead of us today!

Saturday, June 2

Mother and Daughter Day!

Saturdays for us are usually either spent at home or with Daddy, but today my husband was called into work and it was a beautiful 81 degrees out so I was not going to sit home all day!

My daughter (Bekah) and I decided to go out for a bit and with some advice from a friend went over to Runnings for a look at the bulls there. Bekah thought they were big pigs but enjoyed watching them laying there for a few minutes. We then decided to go inside for a bit and look around as long as we were there. We went over to the toys and looked for a bit and then we started walking past the tubs with the chicks, Bekah didn't notice them at first until she was walking past and heard tweet, tweet. She looked right down and was so excited to watch them.

After our wonderful time at Runnings we decided it was past lunchtime and time to go find something, so we went to Mcdonalds. We decided to sit by the window while we ate just so we could see out and boy was that a good idea! We saw our first or at least for Bekah first hummingbird and she thought it was the greatest I couldn't pry her away from the window even long after the hummingbird was no longer around.

Watching the hummingbird at Mcdonalds

All in all it was a fun time with some mother/daughter time out and about and Bekah saw animals she had never seen before!

What did you do today to enjoy it?

Friday, June 1

Yes I Have Aspergers!

As I mentioned in my last post I am an adult woman diagnosed with Aspergers. I am considered by the psychologist who diagnosed me to have a high functioning form.

I was not diagnosed until 15 but when looking at the symptoms of Aspergers have probably had it my whole life. I was diagnosed with a Sensory Integration Dysfunction when I was a young toddler. I went through alot of therapy for the sensory issues as a toddler and child.

Aspergers tends to have alot of symptoms based on social issues. I dealt with alot of the social symptoms such as not being able to distinguish facial cues, avoiding eye contact, and wanting to have alot of one sided conversations about something I loved alot as a child. To this day I would say I still have some of those issues but have learned to control them more.

Another common symptom in Aspergers as a child is a dislike in the change of a routine. To this day I have trouble with that one. I can handle change more now but I don't like major changes as much.

A third symptom is delayed motor development. My mother will tell me to this day about how I was a few months behind in some of my motor development as a toddler, and as a teenager I never did well in gym or sports in school, although I was in marching band.

As I approached my teen years I believe I was more aware of being different but unsure of why. This led to some depression and upset. I tried so much harder to fit into the "norm." I wanted so bad to have more friends and sometimes tried to hard to make them. I did however have a few good friends in high school.

I became, from the time I was diagnosed at 15, what I would call a "hidden aspie" I wanted nothing to do with the diagnosis. I was really upset when my mother chose to put it in my paperwork at school because I didn't want it known. I tried very hard to hide it from my friends etc. Even as a young adult I became more aware of it but still tried to hide it. It later led to some depression and anxiety.

Today I am happily married and have a family and I will not say that I don't struggle with certain situations still and that I am still not somewhat shy, but I have begun to tell more and more people my story in hopes that it can help others. I have realized that it is not something to be ashamed of, it is just a part of me and I just have to be a little different, but who is completely normal really?

I am just here to tell you that whether diagnosed as a child or later on you can live a normal life, you can have a job, get married, have a family, and live the life you want to have. Just don't be afraid to share with others so that they can better understand you!