Thursday, August 9

Autism Did Not Stop Stephen Wiltshire

People on the autism spectrum have many quirks you might call them. They are usually looked at for their lack of social skills, and some their lack or delay of speech. We however, do not always take a look at the positives of being autistic. Many who are deemed autistic have a talent or a hobby they are obsessed with and some very talented at. Many times people will look at them and say "they must have been born doing that" You will usually see alot of talented artists, musicians, etc.

One such example is architectural artist Stephen Wiltshire. I came across this name on facebook by a viral picture of a panoramic photo he did of New York City after supposedly just 20 minutes on a helicopter. He also has done this with one of Tokyo.

Stephen Wiltshire working on aerial drawing of Tokyo after a 20 minute helicopter ride!

Autistics/Aspies have an amazing life to live and can live a very fulfilling life with something to give us all!

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