Thursday, August 2

"Parenthood" A Review

I started thinking how hard is it for a parent who has a child on the autism spectrum? I myself cannot answer that as so far my only child has not had any concerns. I have only seen autism (or aspergers) from the side of being the child not from the side of being the parent.

My parent's didn't find out about aspergers or the fact that that was what I had been dealing with all my life until I was 15. I would say they weren't happy but they weren't upset either...I think it was an an answer for my mom, she finally understood all the frustration and worry she had gone through from the time I was 6 months old.

So recently on Netflix (since we don't have cable) I started watching "Parenthood" I have never seen any episodes in the past but thought I would take a look at it. It is a show about a large family of siblings who most are parents. It goes through the up's and down's of teenagers, being a working mom, etc. However, there was one part of the show that drew me in. One of the boy's (Max) in the show is diagnosed with aspergers. I am not sure they do a perfect portrayl of  Aspergers (especially since all children with it are different) but they do a pretty good job with the symptoms and trials one with aspergers may have to face. They also portray the fears and worries of the parent's involved.

Max on Parenthood

I don't know exactly how my parent's felt about my diagnosis, I know my dad has somewhat denied it and my mom has somewhat embraced it. It was I am sure difficult for them at times when I was little, especially with no diagnosis, but they embraced me I believe as a child with different needs, who was not different but special!

I believe that that is how we should embrace all children on the Autism Spectrum, not as abnormal or scary, but as a child who just has different needs but leads a very special life.

For more information on the show "Parenthood"  click here.

I was not asked or paid to review or give my opinion on this show, it is just a show I like.

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