Friday, August 31

Definition of Aspergers

I came across this image in a few different places recently and I think it nails some of what many with Aspergers including myself may go through at times! I think this is great for people who don't quite understand they symptoms of Aspergers!

What Was So Funny And Why I Was Laughing At The Girl With Aspergers

Wednesday, August 29

The Battle of the Aspies Mind

I know what I want, I know how to get it, but I can't! I can't become brave enough to ask, or I am worried that the answer will not be what I want and I can't handle the disappointment. I know how to make friends, but I don't want to initiate the conversation. I spend time wondering what people are thinking about me. Do I come on as being too overbearing or too shy? I want to know what they are really thinking. I question myself, am I being a good mother? Are there other mother's who are better? That mom over there seems to know exactly what to do why don't I?

This is the battle I face on a daily basis (among others). Wondering if I fit in or if I am good enough. If you were to talk to my husband he would tell you that I sometimes fall into a total emotional state when a question he asks makes me even think he doesn't feel as though what I am doing is right, even if that is not what he is saying at all!

One thing that was always hard as a teenager was knowing that I was different, knowing how one should act, but having no idea how to reach that place! Wondering why I was this way at all! I even found myself in a bout of both depression and anxiety at the same time! I wanted to be "normal" and was at a loss on how to be there.

I cannot say that I don't still try and figure that out at times. Just ask my husband he deals with my meltdowns when I think that something I am doing or have done is not good enough.

So that is the battle in my mind, the fear of the unknown, the fear of how others perceive me and the fear of wondering if I am good enough! I have to daily tell myself "you are doing just fine and you are a wonderful person who is the way you are because God made you that way for a purpose" I also have family and friends to thank for making me realize everything is just fine and my daughter and her wonderful kisses and "mommy I love you" to make me realize I am a wonderful mother!

Thursday, August 9

Autism Did Not Stop Stephen Wiltshire

People on the autism spectrum have many quirks you might call them. They are usually looked at for their lack of social skills, and some their lack or delay of speech. We however, do not always take a look at the positives of being autistic. Many who are deemed autistic have a talent or a hobby they are obsessed with and some very talented at. Many times people will look at them and say "they must have been born doing that" You will usually see alot of talented artists, musicians, etc.

One such example is architectural artist Stephen Wiltshire. I came across this name on facebook by a viral picture of a panoramic photo he did of New York City after supposedly just 20 minutes on a helicopter. He also has done this with one of Tokyo.

Stephen Wiltshire working on aerial drawing of Tokyo after a 20 minute helicopter ride!

Autistics/Aspies have an amazing life to live and can live a very fulfilling life with something to give us all!

Thursday, August 2

"Parenthood" A Review

I started thinking how hard is it for a parent who has a child on the autism spectrum? I myself cannot answer that as so far my only child has not had any concerns. I have only seen autism (or aspergers) from the side of being the child not from the side of being the parent.

My parent's didn't find out about aspergers or the fact that that was what I had been dealing with all my life until I was 15. I would say they weren't happy but they weren't upset either...I think it was an an answer for my mom, she finally understood all the frustration and worry she had gone through from the time I was 6 months old.

So recently on Netflix (since we don't have cable) I started watching "Parenthood" I have never seen any episodes in the past but thought I would take a look at it. It is a show about a large family of siblings who most are parents. It goes through the up's and down's of teenagers, being a working mom, etc. However, there was one part of the show that drew me in. One of the boy's (Max) in the show is diagnosed with aspergers. I am not sure they do a perfect portrayl of  Aspergers (especially since all children with it are different) but they do a pretty good job with the symptoms and trials one with aspergers may have to face. They also portray the fears and worries of the parent's involved.

Max on Parenthood

I don't know exactly how my parent's felt about my diagnosis, I know my dad has somewhat denied it and my mom has somewhat embraced it. It was I am sure difficult for them at times when I was little, especially with no diagnosis, but they embraced me I believe as a child with different needs, who was not different but special!

I believe that that is how we should embrace all children on the Autism Spectrum, not as abnormal or scary, but as a child who just has different needs but leads a very special life.

For more information on the show "Parenthood"  click here.

I was not asked or paid to review or give my opinion on this show, it is just a show I like.

Wednesday, August 1

So Behind....Busy Summer!

Since I have been so busy this summer with my husband and daughter, as I am sure you have noticed by the lack of posts! I have decided to summarize my summer so far!

Since my last post we have had a 3rd Birthday for Bekah, which turned out great despite having keys locked into the car trying to get there!

We have had a picture shoot for Bekah by a wonderful friend.

We took a trip to Medora and finally after 4 years saw the Medora Musical again. It was a wonderful show this year and Bekah loved it, she especially loved the horses and the bear, whenever either wasn't on the stage she would ask for them.
Bekah got to see the bear after the show and give him a high five

We came home from Medora just this past Monday since we were only there for the weekend and I fell and hurt my foot that morning...hence the reason I have time to blog finally again!

How are you enjoying summer? leave a comment below!