Wednesday, August 1

So Behind....Busy Summer!

Since I have been so busy this summer with my husband and daughter, as I am sure you have noticed by the lack of posts! I have decided to summarize my summer so far!

Since my last post we have had a 3rd Birthday for Bekah, which turned out great despite having keys locked into the car trying to get there!

We have had a picture shoot for Bekah by a wonderful friend.

We took a trip to Medora and finally after 4 years saw the Medora Musical again. It was a wonderful show this year and Bekah loved it, she especially loved the horses and the bear, whenever either wasn't on the stage she would ask for them.
Bekah got to see the bear after the show and give him a high five

We came home from Medora just this past Monday since we were only there for the weekend and I fell and hurt my foot that morning...hence the reason I have time to blog finally again!

How are you enjoying summer? leave a comment below!

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